A befitting tribute to mother nature - Tata Housing Myst

29 August, 2020
Tata Housing Myst - Luxury Villas in Kasauli by Tata Realty

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to stay amidst the mountains surrounded by lush greens on all sides? At a place that is both nestled amidst nature and is bustling with people in the markets at the same time. A location where the sun shines bright during the day and stars twinkle in their full glory at night. At Myst, a project envisioned by Tata Housing Development Company and located in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, the concepts of nature and nurture find a befitting address. One of the most endearing points about the property is its location, positioned atop a private hill and nearly 5,000 ft above sea level, providing a wonderful view of the Himalayan foothills. The property is surrounded by century-old pine trees and boasts of design sensibilities where the exterior blends with the indoors. The interiors have been designed keeping the contemporary design sensibilities in mind and the result is a stunning space, which balances the natural with the ecological, thereby establishing harmony and peace with nature.

Myst is one of the first projects of its kind in the country with a biophilic architecture and has been conceived by Llewelyn Davies Yeang, an innovative firm known across the world for its famous sustainable designs. The biophilic architecture design provides the property with an edge, blending contemporary with the natural and combining the ridged mountains with the seasonal gushing streams, all of which come together and become part of the living experience at Myst. The other features of the property includes its sustainable DNA, which encompasses bright and airy living spaces which comprises of large balconies and extra-large windows that allow the warm rays of the sun to filter inside, thereby bathing the interiors in the bright sunlight. The property has been designed with a mix of stone and faux timber to create a rustic charm and planar walls have been built near stone podiums and huge glass façade to give a modern look to the space.

The other appealing features of the property includes its proximity to the nearest well-connected city in north India, Chandigarh. Besides, the property also includes features like home automation, heated flooring, world-class sittings, a fully fitted modular kitchen and the provision for an electrical fireplace, which further adds to its magical appeal.

The developers have conceived the property as a world-class facility, providing a myriad of options like two-bedroom and three-bedroom residence and two-bedroom duplex and three-bedroom simplex. It also boasts of a multi-level clubhouse, an infinity pool, an indoor heated pool, yoga reserve, children’s pool with jacuzzi, a squash court, spa and a state-of the art gymnasium, amongst other world-class amenities. Moreover, in view of the project’s aspirations to blend with nature and sustain the habitat, certain features like rainwater harvesting, non-intrusive lighting, along with bird habitats and a plan to conserve the topsoil have also been included in the plan. Considering all these factors, it would not be incorrect to surmise that Myst is an ideal living option for those who seek romance in their lives and want to be close to nature.

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