Festive Decor Tips for Your Home

06 August, 2020
Festive Decor Ideas For Home Decoration

Amidst the dull and dreary months spent in lockdown if there's something that'll uplift your spirits is the oncoming festive season! With festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra and Diwali now around the corner, decorating your house can be quite fun and provide the much-needed respite from the gloom surrounding us in the last few months. Here we have listed a few ways in which you create a joyous ambiance for your abode this year!

Plan a home makeover

While cleaning your home before the onset of festivals is something most of us usually do, adding new bed linen or a new set of curtains can instantly change the look of your home, making it brighter. There are many good deals available online and on Instagram which have a nicely curated home collection and you can take your pick from a variety of sheets, cushions and curtains. You can choose between pastel or bright colours, or between embroidery and block print. But before you do that, remember to de-clutter the linen cabinet by giving away or repurposing some of your old linen.

Channelize your inner DIY-artist

Don’t shy away from trying out something new before giving your home a makeover. Channelize your inner DIY-artist and get a hold of the old items like bottles and boxes lying unused. You can make elegant festoons out of old bangles and bindis and satin ribbons. Get some craft papers and make artificial flowers, stick them on a paper plate and voila! Your portable Rangoli is ready. You can look up for more DIY wall hanging ideas on Youtube or the internet!

Candle lights are love

There’s something in scented candles that never fail to do the magic. With candles you can light up your room and give it a makeover. You can buy these online or make them at home. Just melt down the old candles and add some essential oils or fragrance scents. You can also experiment with orange peels for a zesty fragrance. Place these candles in glass jars or candle holders and illuminate your home with your own homemade candles.

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers!

You can try decorating your small Ganesh mandalas at home with simple yet elegant flowers. Just adoring your room, balconies, entryways with marigold, rose, and jasmine can transform a space. You can also match the flower color scheme according to your home interior aesthetics. You can also experiment with contrasting color or go for something simple, yet striking to keep your space fresh. Apart from this, you can decorate your aarti thalis and rangolis with flower petals.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are the simplest way to add drama to your home. You can take out your old Diwali lights or buy them online. Next, hang them on your wall, mirror, bed, windows, intertwine them around your plants or place them in any corner of your room and the magic is done! You can also put in a little extra effort and use these lights to make an inspirational word or quote and hang it on the wall. You can also simply fill a mason jar or a glass cloche and place these in a corner of the room, adding drama to that corner.

Diya Fervour

Indian Festivals are incomplete without Diyas. They’re the most significant element in our décor aesthetic and can’t be ignored. So get your paintbrushes and decorative items and start painting these beautiful diyas. You can make use of old CDs to create a stylish DIY diya stand.

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