Five ways to enhance the kerb appeal of your property

04 October, 2019
Five ways to enhance the kerb appeal of your property

Five ways to enhance the kerb appeal of your property

Buying a property is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that a prospective buyer has to keep in mind while choosing a property before making a final sale. One such factor is the kerb appeal of a house, which can make all the difference. Not only does it increase the chances of a house being sold faster but also increases its value to a great extent. Kerb appeal refers to how a property looks when viewed from the outside. Basically, it is the first impression and thus, it is important to enhance the kerb appeal of a property before the first time a prospective buyer has scheduled a visit.

In times that we live in today, where everything is uploaded on the internet and is easily accessible, property pictures have a major impact on a buyer, even before he actually comes for a visit himself. If planned beforehand, giving a facelift to your house to make it more appealing to others and does not have to be a costly affair. Here, we have listed a few ways in which you can enhance the kerb appeal of your property.

1. Clean up the doors

The main gate and the front door of your house give a signal of what to expect even before one makes an entrance. You can give both your front door and the main gate a fresh coat of paint to make a good first impression. Make sure that the other hardware like the door knob, lock and the doorbell are clean and in working condition. The front door area should be a clutter-free zone. You can add a few pots to add to the entrance appeal.

2. Paint the exteriors

The exteriors of a house are equally important as the other elements of a home and hence home owners must invest in a fresh coat of paint to make it appear inviting. A good coat of paint is said to be liquid gold for renovators and is the one thing that can add instant value to your property. While deciding the color, you must avoid loud colors as they are a turn-off for most buyers. Instead, choose colors in softer hues to make the home appealing to as many people as possible.

3. Spruce up the entrance

In case your house has a garden or a front yard, you must ensure that the grass has been mowed and the yard is clean. A garden full of flowers and a well manicured lawn is bound to attract the potential buyer. Adding hanging baskets and flowerpots to either side of your front door can also make a difference. A quick wash of the front yard will ensure that entrance is clean and free of stains.

4. Invest in good lighting

A well-lit house serves twin purposes: while good lighting acts as a security measure, a well-lit house makes it appear good, especially in the evenings when it gets dark. You can check for damaged lights and have them repaired before someone comes looking at your property. Such changes are trivial without burning a hole in the pocket and at the same time, make your property appear attractive.

5. Repair the windows

Make sure that the windowpanes are clean and there are no broken glasses. Invest in a fresh coat of paint as it will make your house look inviting from the outside.

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