How To Create Your Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

09 December, 2022

Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or just love to have outdoor parties, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen should be your most convenient option for anything from a hot grilling barbecue to a casual summer party outdoors. For someone having sprawling backyards with lots of space to utilize, outdoor kitchens are the perfect example of nature meeting nurture. It will be the go-to family place for all your friends and loved ones. Outdoor kitchens are a fantastic place to lose some of that stress of an overworked week and bond with your loved ones. But, before we dive into how you can create this family-friendly joint, let’s understand what makes an outdoor kitchen whole and unique. 

The Framework Of An Ideal Outdoor Kitchen 

An outdoor kitchen is a cooking area used outside to provide extra entertaining space and enable “the cook” in your family to socialise. Essentially, this outdoor place also needs to have ample space with plenty of seating and work surfaces so that your family can have a relaxing time out in the backyard. The place also needs to be in a dry area of the house or covered with some form of shade, along with installed waterproof coverings to avoid rain or other harsh weather conditions. So ideally, this outdoor kitchen needs to have the following structures: 

● Built-in barbecue 

● Storage space for your pans and woks 

● A fridge or a mini-fridge 

● Burners/ a tandoori place or a pizza oven 

● A sink 

● Some shade 


Make Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen is easy if you know what you want and how you want. Thus, we have curated this helping guide for you, so you can have your own little slice of heaven and have some fun with your family and friends. 

1. Identify Where The Kitchen Will Go: 

One should select the ideal location for their outdoor kitchen based on the space accessible in the backyard or terrace of a flat, and the location of gas, water, and electrical fittings. If you have a big backyard with a pool, a patio, or a gazebo, try including them in your layout to make your outdoor kitchen more interactive when you have guests over. If you are low on space you may simply want to lay out some chairs and tables with a barbeque pot, so figuring out your kitchen space is of the utmost importance.

2. The Style Of Your Kitchen: 

Perhaps the most important decision while designing an outdoor kitchen is the style you want to be incorporated into it. For example, based on the kind of parties or get-togethers you will be having, choose an appropriate location that matches the theme. You may choose from a gazebo, a pool house, a pergola, a covered or an open deck. Ask yourself whether you are going for an intimate family-style dinner or a full-blown aesthetic party with conventional bar decor. You can also club your kitchen door with your backyard patio and make it into a dining space if you are low on space.

3. Making A Blueprint And Figuring Out Your Kitchen Essentials: 

A blueprint will help you understand how your final setup will look once the construction is complete. It will also help you visualise where and how the kitchen components will fit in the space available. To place your outdoor kitchen essentials, start with the basics like your flooring, counter-tops and any other built-in features. This will also be the right time to figure out whether you want a grill, a tandoor, a pizza oven or a simple stovetop. You can also start thinking about the placement of bar stools, chairs, lounge chairs etc adjacent to the kitchen table based on the theme of the outdoor kitchen you are going for.

4. Get Some Professional Help: 

Sure, it would be fun to make your own outdoor kitchen but if you want your kitchen to look amazing or add a certain elegance and style, we recommend you get someone to do it for you. Besides, everything from the colour to the tiles you will pick out for your kitchen will ultimately be your choice. This will also ensure that the units you are buying fit your space, and there is no safety hazard. Seeking the help of an expert will also lead to creating a place for your family to enjoy and relax. 

So, the next time you have a party, simply think of how much fun it will be to have one underneath the stars or in the warmth of the sun beside a pool. And if that has you tempted, get started on your ideal outdoor kitchen now with these tips.

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