Here’s how you can decorate your home with plants

20 October, 2022

Why does a walk in a park or a hike up a mountain trail feel so invigorating? Why do we go out on picnic dates in a garden? Or why do we always dream of having a little garden of our own? The answer is simple, plants. Plants brighten up any area with their green aura and make people happy. But with our apartments being such confined spaces and our buildings occupying most of the common area, a place where one can go for a calming walk amidst nature seems to be a luxury only few can afford. But as humans, we have always figured out ways to bend things our way. So, if you still want to reclaim some spaces and create your own urban jungle amidst the concrete, you can think of indoor plants as an option. 

Designing your home with indoor plants is supposed to be extremely helpful for the body and mind. Indoor plants eliminate toxins from the air, thereby improving the air quality. It also lowers the stress levels and encourages deeper sleep. So, the only question now remains: how to decorate your home with plants? 

1. Indoor Hanging Garden:

A lot of our time in our house is spent in our living rooms which makes it the busiest room in the house and also the messiest. If that is the case, how to arrange plants in your living room? A brilliant way to reserve space is to eliminate crowded shelves and table tops with plants and build a hanging plant garden. It’s also an awesome way to use your walls and give them a bold, defining look. Usually, you can create a succulent or herb hanging garden that gives your walls a cryptic and ornate look.

2. Use Stunning Pots:

The idea of using indoor plants as decor for your home is to essentially add zing to the space, and that can be done by using stunning pots. Pots bring out the way a plant should look and if you have them customized with the right color palette that goes with your room’s aesthetic, they can really crate a difference. As a fun activity, you can always make your own pots or use ceramics instead. Ceramics always gives your room a classy and sophisticated touch.

3. Use Orchids:

Green does not have to be the only color that you use in your home. Orchids are bright and beautiful, adding sculptural silhouettes to the room and they also have the ability to instantly draw your eye out. Colors tend to add life in a room and no matter how simple or dull your room is, orchids will always add beauty. 

4. Use Cut Flowers:

Orchids can be a really expensive option and plants too, need a lot of care, which may be difficult with your busy schedule. If you are looking for a cheap, but beautiful alternative, go for cut flowers instead. They are inexpensive and you can choose when or if at all you want to keep them for more regular purposes. You can also use these flowers to decorate your living room for a dinner party or a date. 

5. Fake it till you make it:

Until you have the right amount of time and devotion that it takes to own and grow your own plants or a garden, you can use fake ones. They will help you decorate your space without being too much of an inconvenience. Or you can also use a wall mural of plants. 

6. Use a closed Terrarium:

Terrariums are aquariums, but for plants. They are usually just plants in a bottle or a jar but with a closed ecosystem of their own. Usually, tropical plants or succulents are more resourceful in the spaces and they don’t need too much caring like putting water in them regularly. They also provide your room with a chic and bohemian vibe. 

Plants are beautiful and when used in the right space, it can really alleviate the impression of your room and your house. So, the next time, your house is looking monotonous and drab, this is how you can decorate your home with plants. 

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