Lead organic modern life with Primanti’s luxurious villas amidst nature

29 July, 2020

Lead organic modern life amidst nature at Tata Housing Primanti

Imagine life in a setting which is surrounded by rich and verdant greens, tranquil mountains, cheerful meadows, is filled with the liveliness of bird sounds and is certain to reunite you with Mother Nature. Now imagine life at a place which lies at the heart of an exuberant city that wakes up before you do and makes you want to challenge the world. A place that offers a chance to meet new people, is surrounded by skyscrapers and competition that makes you lively and full of passion for life, all this while offering world-class cuisines and infrastructure along with functional connectivity. Where would you prefer to live? What if we tell you that there is a way out of this dilemma where you can get the best of both these experiences at one place? At a locale that is calmly-spirited and lets you experience the wonders of nature without moving away from the excitement of city life.

Yes, you heard us right. Tata Housing Primanti, is one such location that offers a modern organic lifestyle, which is the current buzzword in the real estate industry. It means attaining a balance between modern architecture and natural forms and materials. Primanti is not entirely earthy, but it is definitely the best of the three well known interior styles - Minimalism, Mid-century and Bohemian.

The primary purpose of the style is to create a setting that is light, bright and uncluttered, while simultaneously being natural and welcoming. Tata Housing Primanti is a luxurious residential project located at the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) in Sector 72, Gurugram, where the best of modern architecture meets beautiful natural landscapes. Spread across an area of 36 acres, this residential property offers apartments, duplexes, row houses and villas around a series of magnificent orchards, beautiful meadows and idyllic gardens.

Primanti is intentionally conceived and designed to provide maximum green spaces, public gardens and plazas and proudly hosts five gardens within its premises. The planning of the towers is done in such a way that all the homes get natural daylight and have breath-taking natural views.

Vertillas, intelligently designed vertical villas are placed in a separate block towards the north to ensure exclusivity and privacy of the villa residents. The villas are perfectly outlined with courtyards nestled between them which allow natural light and air to seep into every corner. Needless to say, Tata Housing Primanti brings you closer to nature while ensuring seamless connectivity with the modern world.

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