Looking for a second home Your search ends here.

08 October, 2020

Looking for a second home: Your search ends here.

As the effects of COVID-19 were felt around the world, people holed up inside their cocoons with office and home merging into one. While this was fine for the first few days, soon the walls began to close in. This pushed apartment dwelling people to seek more space and nature outside of the city.

People have always preferred to buy a second home either for vacation or for rental returns. Some even buy a second home, to bequeath it to their heirs. However, the pandemic has led to more people planning on a second home purchase, for reasons other than the common ones.

Interestingly, nearly three-fourths of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNIs) in India are planning to buy a second home, with nearly every one of them budgeting upto Rs 50 crore for the upgrade, said India Sothebys International Realty in its latest study.

Whether you want a second home for a whiff of fresh air or for remote working amidst nature, there couldn’t be better choices than Kasauli, Goa or Lonavla.

PRIVÉ, Lonavla

Located amidst the glorious greenery of the Lonavala hills, Privé is a coveted address offering seventy-three contemporary-styled hillside residences. Each home here combines interiors with fluid open spaces that translate to a very real feeling of freedom. Built on a slope, Privé takes advantage of its amphitheatric position to enhance its relationship with nature and beautifully frames the wide views of North Point and the Khandala Valley.

These airy, light-washed residences seem barely tethered to the ground, a blissful image for those seeking a private haven away from the bustle of the city. Privé is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune as it is just off the old Lonavala Highway and few minutes away from the Expressway.

MYST, Kasauli

Perched atop a private hill, overlooking the Himalayan foothills, Myst is India’s first residential development designed using biophilic architecture- an approach that creates luxury spaces that bring residents closer to nature.

Conceived by the world’s most renowned firm in sustainable architecture, the pioneering Llewelyn Davies Yeang, this gated development blends contemporary architecture seamlessly with the unique mountain ecology of the area. Green living roofs, bird habitats, and rainwater harvesting are some of the features of Myst’s eco-design. Ridged mountains, crisp air, seasonal cascading rivulets, all become part of a living experience that sets Myst apart from any other residence.


Celebrate the essence of Goa, every single day at Rio De Goa. Spread across a stunning landscape, this property imbibes everything that makes Goa so unique. It provides you a resort-like lifestyle with luxurious amenities that make every day feel like a vacation.

Designed by an internationally acclaimed architectural firm HB Design, Rio De Goa is a gated community. Amenities at Rio de Goa include a lavish multi-level clubhouse and a central active green zone. Every aspect of Rio-De-Goa is designed & conceptualised for better living with no dearth of fun or leisure.

Already feeling spoilt for choices? Don’t leave anything on chance this time. Plan your second home to your heart’s content and we would be happy to assist you in every possible way.

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