Tata Housing Primanti: Luxurious modern living amidst nature

22 December, 2022
Tata Housing Primanti: Luxurious modern living amidst nature

Designed on an interplay between built and open spaces, Tata Housing Primanti gives you a rare living experience right in the heart of Gurugram. Located at the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) in Sector 72, Gurugram, this residential development is spread over an area of 36 acres and offers apartments, duplexes, row houses and villas.

A complete ecosystem in itself, this premium property with its luxury villas in Gurgaon is designed around a series of interconnected orchards, meadows and gardens that span sinuously across the development. The rich flora forms dramatic patterns with stone structures and water features, inspired by Delhi’s Mughal gardens. The limited-edition ready-to-move-in luxury villas replicate the European lifestyle in the heart of the city.

Glimpses of life at Primanti

Be it walking to the spa through the manicured lawns or entertaining yourself in an outdoor pool amid lush greens, living at Tata Primanti is everything you have always dreamt of. Among the key features that define intelligent design of Vertillas is naturally - lit column which allows natural light and air to seep into every corner. The basement parking is remote-controlled that ensures more green spaces outside. The spa and sauna at the community clubhouse is a perfect place for rejuvenation. The massive common areas integrated with automated security features around the residences offer spaces for memorable parties.

The wide range of its classic amenities for a luxurious living includes-

  1. Indoor and outdoor swimming pool
  2. Well-equipped state-of-the-art Gymnasium
  3. Spa
  4. Mini theatre
  5. Squash court
  6. Professional tennis courts
  7. Cafeteria

The other highlights of the project include a state-of-the-art clubhouse/community building and large green spaces. Individual villas have a private garden with a plunge pool, private elevator, twin-kitchen concept and remote-controlled basement parking. 


The premium Tata Primanti villas are perfectly located amid beautiful natural landscapes while also ensuring seamlessly connectivity with modern world.. The extravagant way of living finds its true meaning in being able to connect to important city hubs, be it transport, or vicinity to essential locations such as airport, business centres, shopping malls, schools, healthcare facilities, entertainment areas and many other amenities. 

Privacy has been a driving force for the architects of Tata Primanti Vertillas and hence, the three-level villas offer exclusivity seldom seen in luxury projects. The grandeur of the villa design — accompanied by striking landscaping by two of the world’s best-known names – KPF and Captiva Lovejoy — means that the ecosystem and ambience of a gated community is conducive to the high-life of the elite.

A private retreat

Life at Tata Primanti is a private retreat where time slows down and every moment can be savoured, making it the perfect antidote to contemporary urban life.

If you wish to experience luxury under one roof, away from honking zones and main roads, then this is a perfect pick for you. From premium luxury housing complex and super-premium amenities, this place delivers happiness in its most refined form. Indeed, this is a perfect opportunity to live a meaningful life amidst nature.



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