Tata Realty knows the beat of next gen

12 October, 2020

Tata Realty knows the beat of next-gen India

The youth is relentless in their pursuit for excellence and new found discoveries fuelled with their quest for unravelling new experiences and chasing new dreams. And the youth of our country, which comprises a mix of both millennials and Gen Z together, comprise next-gen India which is ready to take up a challenge and prepared to experiment with all things new. And it is to this combined group of people whom marketers and businesses need to focus on and understand what captures their imagination in order to make a product that suits this tribe. Tata Realty is a brand that knows the pulse of next-gen India, forever planning projects with features that captures the eye of these young Turks.

The new breed of next-gen millennials is driven by a desire to make a difference to the world while remaining committed to their social values. They also are very active in the online world and prefer to carry out their research before making a final purchase decision and therefore, developers now need to level their game by a notch in order to meet the requirements of this tribe by creating a strong digital footprint online. This combined generation is also tech-savvy while also wants to be in close proximity to nature. It is captivated by smart features like automatic and motion-sensor lighting, smartphone-controlled technology, voice-activated control of appliances and use of touchless devices like shades, faucets and toilets as the norm. A project that perfectly meets the needs of this section of buyers with aspirations of a smarter living is Eureka Park (Noida), which is an integrated sports-residential complex and is equipped with features like smart security, app-controlled automation elements, state-of-the art community spaces and smart play area for children.

This population group is also very heavily inclined towards fitness and wellness and is therefore attracted by features like gyms, public parks and looks out for properties with these amenities. A project that comprises these features is Avenida, which encompasses a world in itself, with a gym to keep one fit, a variety of stimulating game options such as squash and snooker at the indoor games room, along with an aesthetically-designed cafe to refresh the mind, a massage room to get away from one’s exhausting work-life. It also offers a kid’s library and play area, pool, mini theatre, and a clubhouse for the entire family.

Another project that fits into all the requirements and has all elements to design a hygge home that many in next-gen India feel very passionately about is TATA Santorini, Chennai which is inspiring in its design, and is enveloped by lush green surroundings. The one-of-a-kind project has been thoughtfully designed bringing together typical Spanish flair and Chennai’s love for life.

Tata Realty is a name that is committed to customer satisfaction and all its properties have been developed keeping in mind the requirements and needs of its patrons. Therefore, it is with this mindset that it has come up with projects in Thane, Kalyan and Bhiwandi, which is nestled amidst the greens and away from the hustle-bustle of city life. The projects titled Serien and Amantra have various fun places to explore with children, from amusement parks to lush gardens, where you can take the children away from the sound of honking vehicles to relax in peace.

Another contemporary project by Tata Realty is Gurgaon Gateway, is a mix of traditional Indian architecture and has a tiered design, inspired by the stepped wells of temple cities. It is surrounded by a lush green cover, which is a luxury for a generation with a busy lifestyle and in a city that is so densely populated. The outdoors at this property have been designed in a manner that can transform into a personal space for relaxation and retreat. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that Tata Realty knows the pulse of its patrons and leaves no stones unturned to ensure that they get what they are looking for. In fact, its various projects across the country are a standing testimony of this idea.

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