The Promont: It’s not just a residence, but a lifestyle.

28 January, 2021
The Promont: It’s not just a residence, but a lifestyle.

The Promont: It’s not just a residence, but a lifestyle.

Welcome to life at 420 feet above the city!

Imagine a life where you wake up to be greeted by a glimpse of the unobstructed, scenic views stretching far into the horizon, where sunshine lights up your favourite corners and the natural breeze caresses you throughout the night and day, the weather is a few degrees cooler than the city, and pollution is miles away. Built atop a private hill, The Promont offers all this and more, ticking all boxes of a luxurious lifestyle.

Tata the Promont is luxury's highest peak in Bengaluru, offering a spectacular 360-degree view of the city. These luxurious homes are spread across four towers with 20-24 storeys. The estate seamlessly blends exceptional elevation with the surrounding topography, thus creating a benchmark of visual identity. Each building has a dedicated reception lounge with 24x7 security for an absolute peace of mind for the residents. The unique blueprint welcomes the outdoors within the living areas resulting in 270-degree views from each residence and accentuates the concept of larger-than-life living.

The property has been conceived as a low-density development, both on the inside as well as on the outside. It is generously spread across 14 acres, with extensive basement parking, manicured lawns between the podium's vast expanse, de-clustered outdoor amenities and quiet corners that give you opportunities to introspect and reflect on life. Likewise, with just four residences per floor and no shared walls between them, residents are assured of spacious living with absolute privacy within the confines of their Promont apartments.


The luxurious homes of the Promont have a magnetic charm to them, liberating you from the outside world. These well-ventilated apartments allow for maximum inflow of natural light and breeze that wraps you in a peaceful vibe. Designed with subtle detailing, they are well-planned in space utilization and layout and offer exceptional comforts. All the apartments come with large balconies, spaces where you could grow a vegetable garden, set up a barbeque or even stargaze.


LIVING ROOM: Spacious living rooms further accentuated by natural light

BEDROOM: Master bedroom with curtain controls (2 windows) and air-conditioning control

HOME AUTOMATION: Drawing room / Dining space: Curtain controls (1 window), Air-conditioning control (2 ACs), Lights and Fans control (4 points for light / fan) & Burglar alarm.

The most noticeable feature of the estate is The Promont Club. Conceived and designed to enable the residents to relax and stay rejuvenated, the three-level club has multiple avenues with a host of amenities to remain active and keep monotony at bay.

Since Tata the Promont offers luxurious life 420 feet above the city, many of you must have questions about the connectivity with the outer world. While it is certain that life above the private hill detaches you from the city's noise, and connectivity is not compromised. The development has an excellent social infrastructure in close proximity and is conveniently connected to commuting hubs, premier education institutes, quality healthcare centres, shopping and entertainment hubs, etc.

The residents love Tata Housing Promont. For a unique housing development that shines like a luminous star in the Bengaluru skies, The Promont has quite naturally picked up prestigious ratings and awards which are considered the gold standard in the real estate category.

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