Tips to spruce up your home during quarantine

01 April, 2020

Tips to spruce up your home during quarantine

Are you one of those people who believed that this period of home quarantine was going to be a blessing in disguise? Were you excited to treat this phase as a time to relax at home and indulge in long-promised, albeit long-forgotten activities? But now that it’s been more than a month staying and working from home, are you growing bored and wondering when life will get back to normal? Instead of being productive, do you find yourself couched on the sofa all the time overlooking the same view every day? Now, let’s face it, as much as we would love to change the upholstery or get fresh flowers for the living room, at a time when survival is a struggle, it’s better to spruce up the things around home than venturing out for new stuff. Here, we have made a list of a few interesting things you can try to smarten your home space with a few simple hacks.

Change the photos in old frames

Every household has a stack of photos in frames for remembering the times gone by and also as a form of home decor. This period of lockdown is the best time to take out the old albums and have a peek at the old photos and marvel at the times gone by. You can also take your pick and choose from the many photos, thereby updating the frames.

Repurpose old furniture

If you feel that your home is unorganized and everything is out of place, you can try and bring an element of organization by repurposing old furniture for which you no longer have any use. For example, you can use an old side table as a bookshelf; an old drawer to store random stuff like remotes and chargers or as a display unit for your kick-knacks.

Style with plants

Over the last few years, owing to reports about the constant dip in air quality, having a small balcony garden with some air purifying plants has suddenly become the rage and most houses have some plants or the others. There is no dearth of online content on how to style your home with indoor plants. You can look them up and design your space with whatever plants you have at your disposal, like money plant or palm or a fiddle leaf fig plant, thereby adding style and character to your room.

Work on a new home office

Let’s face it. Corona is going to impact our lifestyles in more ways than one. With no end in sight, many of us are going to be working from home for a long time. This means that the time is now right to designate and develop an area of the home as an office space. You can use your old study table and add a comfortable chair, throw in a few accents like a clock, a bottle of water, a plant, a few knick knacks and bam, the work office is ready!

Try DIYs

DIY is the latest trend on Intagram these days and people are going crazy either cooking or doing some home décor DIY. A fair word of warning though, while doing stuff and giving them a makeover is not unusual, but in an era where everything moves superfast, DIY involves doing things unhurriedly and involves going back to the basics. And after all the hard work and effort when you see the final result, you feel a sense of contentment because you actually made something!

That said, let’s not waste any more time and get on this project. We promise you, it will be fun and make this period of quarantine more productive! Also, don’t forget to maintain social distancing and keeping contacts to a minimum are they are the only ways to win this battle against Coronavirus.

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