5 Smart Gadgets You Should Have

09 December, 2022

Smart homes are no more a dream but the reality of what the future holds for us. Over the years as we see and understand the way technology has taken over a huge part of our lives, it’s only understandable that we get new smart home gadgets that make our lives easier and more luxurious. So, wouldn’t it be quite cool to have some gadgets that can help you navigate through life a little easier? Here are our top picks for the 5 smart home gadgets that you should have to turn your flat into a haven of time, life, and energy-saving arena.

Amazon Fire Stick

1. Amazon Fire Stick: 

The amazon fire stick revolutionized the way we view our television screens. From the traditional see-what-the-tv-shows to now being able to choose your films and TV shows through a wide variety of OTT options available on the screen, cinematic viewing via our homes has surely come a long way. And it’s easier too, isn’t it?

Simply plug it in on your regular TV via the HDMI port and it connects via wi-fi to provide you with the content you wish to watch. You can also download a lot of OTT apps on your firestick like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, etc, and watch the content on your TV screens. No more waiting for showtimes or recording your movies to watch the next day with this new-age content delivery.

Tata Realty | 5 Smart Gadgets You Should Have

2. Vegetable Purifier: 

The fruits and vegetables that we consume daily are most likely riddled with a lot of dirt and germs, and simply washing them may not cut the mark. Vegetable purifiers are the next new thing in the market in terms of hygiene and purification because your body deserves food free of impurities.

Essentially, this gadget kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other pathogens from the surface of fruits and vegetables to produce ozone by using the oxygen present in the environment to remove these harmful contaminants. It is safe to use since it eliminates toxins from your food and other chemicals like pesticides and insecticides. Get yourself this smart home gadget to initiate your agenda of healthy living by healthy eating.

Tata Realty | Smart Gadgets You Should Have

3. iRobot Vacuum Cleaner:

Dust and dirt are an involuntary part of our day-to-day lives but cleaning your whole house might not be possible for most people. From managing a busy life to being lethargic, cleaning can seemingly drain out the last ounce of your energy. So why do it when you can instead let an automatic vacuum cleaner do it for you?

These vacuum cleaners have sensors enabled in them that help them navigate the flat’s floor area. The best part about these is that they can detect obstacles, particularly dirty spots on the floor and steep drops of stairs, etc. They can then change or reverse their paths and include tangle-free brushes, separate sweep canisters, more powerful vacuums, obstacle avoidance, and performance maps displayed via smartphone apps. Replace your old brooms and mops with this modern technology and give your home a stylish feel.

Tata Realty | Smart Gadgets You Should Have

4. Automatic Pet Feeder: 

Being a pet parent means being able to constantly pay attention to the wants and needs of your furry friend. And sometimes that can mean a shortened work trip, an hour at the grooming session, and monthly visits to your vet. But haven’t you had those days where you wish your pets would be fed at their ease and convenience?

This is where the automatic pet feeder comes into the picture. Likely to its name, this helps provide appropriate portions of food that are predetermined by the owner. These pet feeders help your pet stay healthy and well-fed when the owner is otherwise engaged and also help them manage their weight. The machine just automatically drops some food into the bowl attached to it below and comes with various settings like slow dispense if you want your pet to slow down while they eat.

Tata Realty | Smart Gadgets You Should Have

5. Sleep Smart: 

Can we revolutionize our sleep using technology? Apparently. The invention of smart beds that uses sensors and other technologies to gather data about how you're sleeping can self-adjust and improve your sleep. These beds deliver your sleeping information to your smartphones via their app and can report on how well you are sleeping or discuss tips with you on how you can sleep well. The importance of using these beds is that a well-rested body is a well-rested and active mind. The beds come with sleep tracking, temperature control, air chambers, audio playback, position control, app integration, etc so that you get the best sleep ever.

Luxury might not just be in the way you live but also in the way you include different aspects of technology in your day-to-day life to make your living a little easier. With these cool gadgets that you can get your hands on easily, watch as your living spaces become more breathable and comfortable.


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