Vaastu Shastra for the entrance

20 October, 2022

The entryway of any building, land, or house is quite important as it’s the first look that makes or breaks your impression of a place. In keeping with this sentiment, the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra in the Indian tradition also places equal emphasis on the main entrance of a home, office or company since it is the place from where positive or negative energy enters a space and affects the health, wealth, prosperity, happiness, and luck of those who own it. 

According to the Vaastu tradition, Urja or vibrations of energy enter the house through its doors and windows. The door is of utmost importance since a major chunk of the energy enters the house through its main front door. As a result, the main entrance plays an important part in determining the flow of vibrations experienced by the residents who inhabit this space. The main entrance is of considerable importance and is believed to be the opening of a home, which brings its residents closer to a world of opportunities, and therefore, it should be inviting, well-organized, and a decluttered space. That is why, while scouting for homes or in advertisements, the first thing that people ask is the orientation of the main door, meaning in which direction does the main door open. This is because, according to the science of Vaastu Shastra, it is believed that entrances in the North and East are good, whereas West and South entrances are not as auspicious. 

Here, we have made a list of the few things to keep in mind while planning the décor of the entrance space of your home. 

•  The main door should open in a clockwise direction as it is believed that the anti-clockwise movement of the main door may cause a slowdown in progress or create differences between family members and also delay important work.

•  Make sure that the entrance to your house is well-lit as a home with a dark entrance invites negative energy.

•  Keep in mind that the main entrance is neat and tidy, and there should be no dustbin near the entrance.

•  Ensure that the main door of the house does not have any creaking or stuck doors as it may indicate that something is not working in your life or that you feel stuck.

•  There should be no wall in front of the main door upon entering the house as it may block your chances of moving forward in life. 

•  The front door should open inwards into an open space.

•  It is a good idea to decorate the entrance of your home with auspicious symbols so that it looks neat and inviting. 

•  It’s good to remember that the main entrance door of your house should not have any cracks as it is considered ominous according to Vaastu Shastra.

•  It is advised to keep the shoes and other footwear outside the main door as it sometimes can be a carrier of negative energy from the outside world. However, ensure that the shoes are kept inside a cabinet, away from the eyes of those entering your home and should not be piling up at the entrance.

• The main door should have a threshold that is made out of either marble or wood. 

•  You can also use a good, clean doormat at the foot of the entrance to welcome people inside your home.


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