What makes your home a ‘smart home’

15 July, 2020
What makes your home a ‘smart home’

What makes your home a ‘smart’ home?

Technology has transformed our lives and how! From ubiquitous smartphones to voice-controlled devices, advancement in automation and the Internet of Things mean that we are increasingly inviting smart technologies into our homes, something that wasn't possible in the past. But what exactly is the definition of smart?

What is 'smart'?

Smart home technology includes any suite of gadgets, appliances or systems connected to a common network that can be independently and remotely controlled using a smartphone or any other mobile touch screen device. Smart home automation in its myriad forms allows us to tap into high-tech functionality and luxury, making our lives easier and more enjoyable.

For humans, a home is not just a piece of building made up of concrete. It is our 'space', our comfort zone, a reflection of who we are and our lifestyle. As technology bombards us with bigger and better offerings with every passing day, we all want our home to be nothing but smart or let's say smartest.

Convenience, flexibility, and security

Comfort is key. We all try to have as much of it as possible, so it's obvious this is one of the main reasons to get a smart home. Imagine leaving from the office and turning on the air conditioners for a refreshing welcome at your home sweet home. The fact that you can turn on the lights and adjust AC temperature, all from the convenience of your mobile phone is just incredible. Add to this better safety and security.

Watch the driveway, the back gate, or any other part of your property—while you're away. Most smart homes have a high-tech security system that makes it easy to see and even communicate through home cameras from anywhere. If you want to take some of the tedious tasks of home care out of your hands, connected and automated devices have you covered there too. Talk about robot vacuum cleaners.

Increased energy efficiency

Depending on how you use your smart-home technology, it's possible to make your space more energy-efficient. For example, lights can be programmed to switch to an evening mode as the sun sets, or lights can turn on and off automatically when you enter or leave the room, so you never have to worry about wasting energy.

Eureka Park: Home Smart Home

While all these factors mentioned above make smart homes very desirable, the task of choosing the right tech and interface can be quite tedious for many customers. The experience of living in an integrated smart home should be seamlessly reliable and feel truly intelligent without creating any burden for you. That is why Tata Realty came up with Eureka Park. Equipped with features like smart security, app-controlled automation elements, state-of-the-art community spaces and smart play area for children, Eureka Park fulfils all your aspirations of a smarter living and lifestyle.

Spread across an area of 20 acres in Noida's coveted Sector 150, this futuristic project also includes a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a 25000 sq. ft. Clubhouse, four tennis courts, 1.6 km long jogging track, skating rink, swimming pool and an amphitheatre.

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