Why you should have tortoise figurine in your house

29 January, 2021
Why you should have tortoise figurine in your house

Why you should have tortoise figurine in your house

Vastu Shastra is the traditional system of architecture that is hailed by people who have faith in the ancient wisdom. Many people practice it to reap the comforts of a prosperous and wealthy life. In actuality, Vastu is a set of principles and design, measurement, and layouts that one must follow while designing and building the home. Along with it, there are certain figurines that people also keep in their homes for good luck. Keeping the figurine of a tortoise at home is an object that is believed to bring positivity and luck. According to feng shui tips for home, a tortoise is a spiritual creature that symbolizes longevity and is believed to protect and keep the household stable, eliminating any negative energy. Many people also use tortoise in home Vaastu and gift it to friends and loved ones. However, there are a few points that you should keep in mind according to the feng shui tips for home before buying and keeping a tortoise figurine.

Types of tortoise figurines

Tortoise figurines are easily available online and as well as in the offline market. The sizes can vary from small and big, which you can buy according to the place you will keep it. There are lots of colour options too. It can be crafted in various metals, glass or wood, stone and even crystal form. The price may vary, depending upon the type of material used to make these figures. Many people use it in their home décor and also use tortoise in home Vaastu.

Right placement is key

Keeping a tortoise at home is good, but you should also think about listening to the experts who give directions about its correct placement. You can place it at the entrance or in the backyard area of your home as it is believed to bring luck and usher positivity. Keeping it near your bed where you sleep also provides relief from anxiety and insomnia. Placing the figurine in the living room is supposed to bring harmony within the family members.

Areas, where one must avoid placing the tortoise figurines, are the bathroom and kitchen as it is not deemed the ideal location.

Choose directions wisely

One needs to keep directions in mind before placing a tortoise use tortoise at home. For example, it’s believed that a stone tortoise should also be kept in the West direction while a crystal tortoise should be kept in the Southwest direction for better results. Also, a metal tortoise should be placed in the North or Northeast direction while a wooden tortoise is ideal in the East direction. However, the face of the tortoise figurine should always face towards East Direction.

There are a lot of benefits of placing a tortoise figurine in your home or workplace. It assists in your career growth and helps you in getting your wishes come true. For example, keeping a black tortoise or a metal one with a Japanese coin in its mouth is believed to bring wealth. It is also considered good if one places it facing the entrance.

We hope that the above pointers help you bring prosperity in life and usher a positive state of mind.

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