Campaign FAQs

Campaign FAQs

Wow Is Now
What is the scheme being offered?

Flat interest scheme of 3.99% plus consumer delight at site
Sourcing Offer:
3.99% flat interest rate for 12 months.
Tata Housing will Bear Maximum EMI
Interest of 3.01% for 12 months only
Consumer Delight:
Gift cards will be as per configuration mentioned in the Annexure

What is consumer delight at site offer?

Under consumer delight offer, the customers shall be offered gift cards (details mentioned in the Annexure)

What are the gift cards being offered?

Tanishq Voucher, Amazon, Croma, HDFC Cash load: After Signing of Agreement/Registration and post 10% receipt of agreement value.

Is flat interest rate scheme guaranteed for all customers?

As the underlying scheme is based on home loan, we as developer do not GUARANTEE the sanction of loan. Hence the sanction shall be subject bank approval and any delay on sanction or disbursal by bank shall be the responsibility of customer. So interest if any due to delay shall not be waived off.

When the bank documents need to be signed?

Bank documents needs to be signed immediately along with application form. This is required to ensure bank is ready for disbursement within 30 days. Disbursement shall be only after 10%, Registration, allocation and AFS.

What are the documentations required for the scheme?

No additional documentation will be required, since the scheme being offered is independent of any association with the bank.

Can customer take loan for more than 80% of agreement value under the scheme?

LTV will depend on the customer’s home loan eligibility which shall be confirmed by the concerned banks.

National Campaign
Is the scheme valid for all projects?

The scheme is valid for the following porjects – Gurgaon Gateway, Primanti, Myst, Raisina La Vida
Phase 1, Eureka Park, Bahadurgad, Avenida, Ariana, Amatra, Serein, La Montana, Rio de Goa, Prive,
Santorini, Peenya, Promont, Tritivam, CLE and Riva. For Bahadurgad the scheme is applicable for
RTMI inventory. For Eureka Park the payment plan for the scheme is different.

Till when can a customer Submit the EOI ?

EOI’s shall be accepted till 31 st May 2020

How can a customer submit an EOI ?

The sales team shall guide the customer for submitting the EOI post detailed explanation on
project details, inventory and pricing discussion. EOI submission is via online payment thru Card and
net banking

Whats the value of EOI ?

EOI value is dependent on the agreement value of the project. For AV less than 1 Cr the EOI value
is 1 Lakh, For AV between 1 cr and 2 Cr the EOI value is 2 Lakh and for AV greater than 2 Cr. The EOI
value is 3 lakh

Till when can a customer withdraw the EOI if I do not like the project post I visit the site ?

EOI’s can be withdrawn by 15 th June 11:59 PM by writing an email to
with a CC marked to the sales manager. The subject line should be “Withdrawal of EOI application –
National Campaign” and the email should contain Customer name, project name and mobile number
in the body of the email.

Will a full refund of the EOI be made on cancellation?

A customer will be entitled for a complete refund of EOI amount for all EOI’s cancelled by 15 th
June 11:59 PM. Refund shall be processed before 15 th July 2020

What if a customer withdraws the EOI post 15 th June 2020 ?

Complete EOI amount shall get forfeited for all EOI’s withdrawn post 15 th June 2020

When do I have to pay 10% of AV ?

10% of AV has to be paid within 30 days of login. All logins to happen between 16 th June and 30 th
June 2020. Cases pending for login post 30 th June shall be treated as cancelled and EOI amounts shall
be forfeited

Do I have to send my confirmation if I am going ahead with my booking post submition of EOI ?

No, the customer has to communicate only in case he is not interested in continuing with the
booking. For all cases where we have not received a communication for cancellation, it will be
assumed that the customer is interested in proceeding with the booking

When does the customer make balance payments post 10% ?

For all projects except Eureka Park, the customer shall pay the balance amount as per CLP (full
amount in case of a ready property) on 1 st Jan 2021. Demand for the same shall be raised in the 2 nd
week of December 2020.

For Eureka Park, the payment is as follows – 10% within 30 days of login, Additional 10% by 30 th
September 2020, and balance as per CLP on 1 st Jan 2021

Will TSSS, Loyalty/ referral and AWHO deals be included in this offer ?

AWHO and Loyalty/ Referral deals will not be able to take advantage of payment deferment.
Please note no 2 schemes can be clubbed under this offer. For TSSS cases the discount offered is 3%
and not 5% as decided earlier.

What is the brokerage slab applicable for the National Campaign ?

The brokerage is as per the project slab wise brokerage + 0.25% additional (Rs. 25000/- as early
bird benefit during lock down shall be paid as early bird which shall be a part of the total brokerage)

How does the customer claim the early bird money ?

The CP has to submit an invoice against the EOI with complete documentation as required for
claiming the regular brokerage bills. The invoice shall be cleared within 30 days of receipt of
complete details

When does the customer take a possession of RTMI properties ?

The customer takes possession of the apartment post payment of complete monies basis the
demand due on 1 st Jan 2021. For any customer wanting early possession, the same can be availed by
making full payments only. No soft possession allowed for any case.

Is there a premium to be charged for this scheme.?

The premium to be charged is as follows – For apartments with AV less than 1 Cr a premium of Rs.
50/-, for AV between 1 Cr and 2 Cr a premium of Rs. 75/- and for apartments above 2 Cr. A premium
of Rs. 125/- is applicable

If the customer decides to pay as per standard payment plan then do we give customers a discount ?

In case the customer is not wanting to take payment deferment, then the prices applicable is as
per the yearly NFR

Form when will the maintenance be applicable for RTMI cases ?

Maintenance is applicable from 1 st Jan 2021 and for cases who do not opt for deferred payment it
will be as per the regular process ie – when possession is taken

Can a customer opt for a deferred payment plan initially and then post login convert the deal into a standard payment option ?

No, a customer has to decide while submitting the EOI on the payment plan to be opted for. No
change in the agreement value and hence refunds shall be processed for cases logged in under
deferred payment plan but later wanting to convert to a standard payment plan / pay upfront and
take possession.

Customers however welcome to pay earlier and take possession even if they have opted for the
deferred payment plan

Are both self funded and bank funded customers eligible for this offer. ?

Yes both sets of customers and avail the offer

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